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Mission United Lutheran Church

Our Congregation

St. Henry's - Nisula.jpg

St. Henry Lutheran Church, Nisula

Faith Lutheran - Pelkie.jpg

Faith Lutheran Church, Pelkie

Our Saviour's Lutheran Church, Elo

Mission United Lutheran Church (MULC) is a rural congregation situated in Baraga County of Michigan's Upper Peninsula near the shores of Lake Superior.  The current church building and property are located just off Highway M38 on Pelkie Road, about 8 miles South of Baraga, MI.  This congregation is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Northern Great Lakes Synod (NGLS)

MULC was established in 1989 after a merger of three predecessor congregations which comprised the Pelkie Evangelical Lutheran Parish:  St. Henry Lutheran Church in Nisula, Faith Lutheran Church (founded as Kyro Evangelical Lutheran Church) in Pelkie, and Our Saviour's Lutheran Church in Elo. The current church building was completed and dedicated in 1992.  

A Brief History

1894 – St. Henry Lutheran Church, Nisula, founded.  First church completed and dedicated to service in 1895.  The new building project was begun and completed in 1904, with remodeling of vestibule and steeple in 1925.


1905 – Faith Lutheran Church, Pelkie, founded as Kyro Ev. Lutheran Church.  Members met in homes until completion of church building in 1917.


1913 – Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Elo, founded.  Construction of first church dedicated to service in 1919.  The new Elo church was built a short distance from the original and dedicated to service in 1949.

1925 – Representatives of the three churches formed the Kyro Parish, pooled their resources and called the first resident pastor.  Faith, Our Saviour’s and St. Henry were a part of the Suomi Synod before joining with the Lutheran Church in America in 1962.

1989 – Members of the Kyro Parish, now known as Pelkie Evangelical Lutheran Parish, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, voted to unite as one congregation.  A new name, Mission United Lutheran Church, was later voted on.

1992 – Completion and dedication of the new church building was celebrated.  The Faith Church building was sold and now serves as the Pelkie Mennonite Church.  Our Saviour’s Church was sold to a private individual, and the ownership and care of St. Henry’s Church was assumed by the Laird Twp. Historical Society.  The Headstart Program was also welcomed in 1992 to share in the use of our new facilities.


1993 – The Mission Wellness Nurses were installed, and take blood pressures regularly during the fellowship time between Sunday services.


1999 – The Aunus Congregation, in Karelia, Russia, was adopted as our sister congregation.


2000 – The church parking lot was enlarged, and the circular Memorial Driveway was added around the back of the building.  Also added were the awe-inspiring rustic crosses on the hillside overlooking the parking lot.


2001 – We joyfully supported and celebrated our first missionary, Lisa Makela, to Namibia, Africa

The following have faithfully served as pastors of our church family since 1925:

1925-1927       Rev. David Samanen

1927-1933       Rev. Emil Tervo

1934-1939       Rev. Aarne Juntunen

1939-1945       Rev. Arvo J. Korhonen

1945-1947       Rev. Vilho J. Hanninen

1947-1953       Rev. Frans J. Koski

1954-1957       Rev. John M. Junttila

1958-1964       Rev. Lauri T. Pikkusaari

1964-1969       Rev. Edward M. Groop

1970-1972       Rev. Keith T. Nelson

1974-1981       Rev. James F. Peters

1981-1986       Rev. Terry L. Williamson

1986-2004       Rev. Michael V. Laakko

2005-2017       Rev. John R. Autio

2019-2019       Rev. Kellan Weyer

2020-present   Rev. Kelly J. Ylitalo

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